5 reasons to choose a 50” Android Freestanding Digital Signage Poster for your next event.

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Here is a show-stopping digital advertising and signage ‘totem’ to add real impact to your event communications.

A Giant Freestanding Tablet. This totem product not only gives your communication a boost, it also looks as refined and smart as a tablet, with a tempered glass face, round corners and is super-slim.

Easily Portable. The lightweight design, integrated castors and rear handles means these totems can be easily moved. That means they can be located in areas of maximum footfall like hotel reception areas and business centres.

Internal Locker. A lockable compartment in the rear of the display has space for a small PC or media player. Running the screen from an external source is therefore simple via HDMI/VGA connection. Furthermore, power is delivered to a device from inside the locker.

Built-in Speakers. Two integrated slimline speakers add an audio element if you need to add a soundtrack alongside your imagery.

Eco-friendly. A power timer means you can assign your totem daily/weekly on/off times, assisting environmental efficiency.

For your next meeting, conference or event consider a freestanding digital totem display. When you people to find out information for themselves i.e. where they need to be and when, these devices are invaluable.

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