Cleaning Solar Panels

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In 2022, there was a substantial rise in residential solar panel installations. With growing concerns about climate change and soaring energy expenses, homeowners are increasingly perceiving solar panels as a practical solution and a means to make a significant impact. According to one solar supplier, there has been an astounding 830% surge in inquiries compared to the previous year. Consequently, the importance of maintaining solar panels has become even more pronounced. Regular cleaning, such as through a pressure washing service, is necessary to ensure the optimal performance of solar panels.

The Effects of Solar Panel Dirtiness: A Knowledgeable and Neutral Explanation

Similar to the windows in your residence, the presence of dirt on the glass of solar panels obstructs the passage of light, leading to two main issues.


In practical terms, solar panels covered in the dirt will remain shaded most of the time. This has a significant effect on the amount of solar power these cells can harness. Consequently, the panels will function inadequately and generate a significantly lower amount of electricity.

Reports indicate that residential solar panel sites have experienced a 21% increase in productivity as a result of effective cleaning. If you have observed a decline in your solar panel’s output, it could be an indication that they require cleaning.


Dirty solar panels have a higher susceptibility to faults as the accumulated dirt can create friction, leading to the formation of small cracks. Over time, this can cause permanent damage and reduce the efficiency and lifespan of the panels. To ensure optimal performance, it is recommended to establish a regular maintenance schedule for your solar panels.

The Best Way to Clean Solar Panels for Optimal Performance

The main difficulty associated with maintaining the cleanliness of solar panels in both commercial and residential settings is the requirement to work at elevated heights. That’s why it is advisable to consider engaging professional cleaning services provided by teams with expertise in ensuring safety and health measures are taken into account.

At CJH Cleaning, we offer a water-fed pole system to clean solar panels up to 60 feet high. Our knowledgeable team utilizes power-assisted platforms for greater heights when required. Rest assured, our non-abrasive cleaning tools ensure thorough cleaning while prioritizing the safety of our team and preserving the condition of your solar panels.

Determining the Ideal Cleaning Frequency for Your Solar Panels

According to certain suppliers, it is recommended to clean your solar panels approximately twice a year. The presence of dirt and debris on your solar panels can potentially impact the warranty of the product, making it crucial to consult the guidelines provided by your supplier. 

Regular maintenance is crucial for cleaning solar panels, much like regular cleaning of office windows or household glass. Keeping the panels in good condition will make the cleaning process easier and more efficient.

Common Issues Encountered with Solar Panels

There are several factors that can lead to a deterioration in the condition of your solar panels. Certain factors can be avoided by regularly cleaning your panels, while others will necessitate ongoing monitoring to ensure everything is functioning properly.


Air pollution in the atmosphere can vary depending on the location and positioning of solar panels. For instance, if your home is situated near industrial areas or airports, it is more likely to be affected. Artificial airborne pollutants have a greater ability to obstruct sunlight compared to regular dust or dirt particles. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining a regular cleaning routine to mitigate the harmful effects of this type of pollution.