Helping You Debunk 4 Misunderstandings About HGV Drivers

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Although some individuals may perceive truck driving as a straightforward occupation, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, not everyone can do this job due to its complexity and various misconceptions surrounding it. It’s a well-known fact that HGV drivers contribute significantly to the economy and the smooth operation of society, yet their contribution usually goes unnoticed and unappreciated. As a result, we aim to address and clarify the top 4 misconceptions about HGV drivers.

Are All Truck Drivers Male?

Similarly to industries like IT and Construction, the trucking field is commonly thought to be male-dominated. Nevertheless, there has been an upsurge of female truck drivers both in the UK and globally. As per a 2021 study, women account for 5% of commercial vehicle drivers, a figure that is predicted to grow annually as more females join the profession. Over the past several years, the increase in female truck drivers has been a prominent topic. Due to the high demand for HGV drivers, more women are now opting for an HGV driving profession.

The Devaluation of Drivers

Often, individuals overlook the value of commercial heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) while driving on the road, adhering to the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” However, HGV drivers play an integral role in the UK’s economy, and without their tireless efforts, the country’s businesses would be unable to flourish. It is essential to note that businesses rely heavily on HGV drivers for the transportation of goods. Without their services, a wide array of commodities would not be accessible to people throughout the UK.

Truck drivers who are considered essential workers play a significant role in keeping our economy running smoothly. Even your favourite Amazon items wouldn’t make it to you without these heroes. Considering a career as a truck driver is a great option if you want to make a real impact. It’s encouraging to know that people are recognizing the important contributions of truck drivers.

Driving a Truck: Possible for Everyone with Appropriate Knowledge

It is a fact that anyone can acquire the skills to become a truck driver, but only after receiving adequate HGV training. However, it’s important to note that driving HGVs might not be suitable for everyone, and the job can be fulfilling for some while not for others. To assess whether this could be your ideal career path, visiting online trucker communities can offer valuable insights into the advantages and disadvantages of this profession. Additionally, individuals residing in the London region can get guidance from HGV training experts located in the area.

The Dangers of Road Transport for Truck Drivers

It is common for people to overlook the fact that HGV drivers go through a rigorous lorry driver training course to become highly skilled professionals. Additionally, they engage in consistent and ongoing training to maintain their excellent safety record on the roads. One of the requirements for HGV drivers is to undergo routine drug testing, and a failed test can significantly hinder future employment opportunities within the industry.

HGV truck drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol while working, and if caught, they will be terminated from their job. In addition to following the rules and regulations of their job, they are continuously monitored by a black box in their cab that records their driving behaviour. The black box tracks various aspects such as their driving time, duration of breaks taken, and other safety considerations. This close monitoring ensures that HGV truck driving is a secure career in the UK using advanced technologies.