Reasons To Consider A Home Extension

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There are many types/forms of home extensions. You can choose to extend upwards (if there’s already a first floor,) or simply extend into the loft. Cellar spaces, porches, and conservatories are other ideas you can use to extend your home for additional space. First and second-floor extensions are however the most common with many people today. The first step in the process is to get a floor plan sketch of your home using floor plan software. This type of software is capable of producing a high-quality house or apartment sketch plan.

Why should I consider a home extension? You may ask. Outlined below are several good reasons and benefits of home extensions.

Create An Additional Living Space

The need for additional space is an excellent reason for wanting to consider a home extension, especially when/if not planning to move to a bigger house. Loft conversion, for example, creates enough space for the kids to play in, or even a home office. The extra space created will make simple chores more manageable as compared to living in a cramped space.

Make Maximum Use of Immediate Exterior Space

Do you have a large garden, driveway, or tons of space around the sides of the house? If yes, you can then take advantage of the additional space to create extra interior space without affecting the outdoor space and experience. A conservatory is a perfect example of ways you can create an additional dining area and still showcase an indoor garden. A porch in the front part of the house would have exceptional storage and security benefits for your home. All you need is to be creative enough to make the additional space useful.

Add An Extra Bedroom

Adding another bedroom to the house can have a significant impact on the home’s overall value. The extra bedroom would be a welcome addition, especially for a growing family. Although young kids may not have an issue sharing a bedroom, most will still appreciate having a bedroom for themselves. There’s nothing better than having a dedicated space as a kid.

An extra bedroom is also a welcome idea as you get older. The extra room will come in handy especially if your partner snores or your sleeping patterns change as you get older. It provides the peace and tranquillity you’d need, to get enough and good quality sleep. Sleeping in separate spaces is allowed for senior adults with varying needs.

Extra Bathrooms

A single bathroom for the entire family might be inconvenient and impractical for many. It is even more annoying if the bathroom is downstairs or upstairs. A home remodelling project would thus make it possible to create extra space for another bathroom. This way, only the common bathroom will be shared, or even better, each floor will have one. The extra bathroom is not only convenient but necessary for most home setups.


What better way to make your home more modern, practical, and lighter than a home remodelling project? Most people only take to extensions when they need to create an additional space that was lacking in the original setup/plan. Terraced homes, for example, can be dark with very little skylight penetrating through. A loft extension provides an excellent way to transform the home completely, opening it up for additional natural light and airflow.

Create Additional Storage Space

There’s a need for more space as the family grows. Most homeowners find themselves looking for more space a few years after moving into the house. If looking for extra space to keep your boots, coats, shoes, bicycles, books, or even kayaks, a simple home extension is the way to go. The additional space is much needed to keep your home tidier, more spacious, and more organised.

A Lifestyle Change

Working from home is the new norm. Many people however use a section of their living space, bedroom, or kitchen as their home office. This makes it almost impossible to create a work-life balance. There are also moments when you need some privacy while working. Creating a home extension to use as the home office is thus an excellent idea. The additional space created makes it possible for you to separate work from personal life and also accords everyone in the house some space.